♥____xx.[she's your superstar queen girl.] (gracewritten) wrote in glitteredwords,
♥____xx.[she's your superstar queen girl.]

something i wrote for my boy.

hearing your smile from miles
beyond miles away-- i know it.
i can feel it in my own rhythm, my own

your boyish laugh makes me giggle inside
and bubble wanting to burst.
i want to wrap myself around you
and whisper all the things i wish i could say.

i want to tell you how i hold
my pillow at night, but in my dreams
it's you. and when i think about you
my heart beats a million beats a moment,

you've flipped me upside down, darling
and i don't even know whether to scream and shout
or to fall and cry every time i hear your voice
or think about the beautiful things you say.

you think i'm beautiful--
which, i used to think was a crime.
you're this amazing creature-- amazing person.
you've lived things i may never know
and i want to know you.

baby, i want to memorize everything about you.
the way your smile makes your eyes twinkle
or the way you wear your pants and shirt.
i want to know the way your eyes light up should i enter
the room and the way your arms grasp me tight.
your scent-- i want to breathe it.

i want to know the way you breathe into my ear
when we get sexual or the way my hand fits inside yours perfectly.
or how about the way your body feels against mine?
i want to know that, too.

this is like that poem that never ends.
i never want this to end.
this beautiful sensual wonderful gift you've given me--

the gift to smile and be happy--

you're like my angel, glowing high above all else.
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