♥____xx.[she's your superstar queen girl.] (gracewritten) wrote in glitteredwords,
♥____xx.[she's your superstar queen girl.]

written may 9, 2003-- feeling blue.

did you really think you could?
with your bright eyes and silly smile
and special ways of making my heart beat

time and time again
we've tried to forget this
all of our past, but so funny
isn't it? the way it all comes back
[usually to haunt us.]

slithering between this and that
you and me. crawling away and trying
to be this girl you never knew, but he

he knows more than anyone
between whispered hellos and
"guess what? I'm not wearing any underwear"
then quiet breathed giggles into the phone

as you moan on the other end.
while I'm left joyful and smiling.
triumphant in my own little way.
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